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“New Silk Road Rising” opens the 12th Annual Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair

SHENZHEN, May 14, 2016 —

Lee Van Holdings, Shenzhen’s premiere communications and creative planning agency, hosted the Special Activities Fair “New Silk Road Rising,” opening the 12th Annual Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair.

The exhibition follows the three-part theme of “Origin, Heritage, Merge.”

Under the theme of “Origin”, Lee Van is proud to present the paintings of Tan Yumin, whose work is grounded in Chinese Grotto Art traditions.

For “Heritage”, Lee Van presents masterpieces of Cloisonne artwork from masters Chang Sha Na, Qian Mei Hua, and Zhong Liansheng.

The final theme, “Merge”, highlights the works of Shenzhen pioneer artist Yemin Yin, Israeli sculptor David Gerstein, and the winner of China’s prestigious Lanting Award,  calligrapher Peng Shuanglong.
Yemin Yin directs an architectural and analytic gaze toward the body of China’s poetic language. Her work joins with the above-mentioned artists in a contemporary arts and culture exchange exhibition, presented at the Shenzhen Ritz-Carlton from May 20-31.