Archseeing Presents ‘One-House Zoo’ at Shenzhen Biennial of Urbanism and Architecture


Reflecting on the human side of Shenzhen’s rapid urban transformation, “One-House Zoo” tells the life stories of residents through the creation of a fictive world.

One-House Zoo is a collection of familiar scenes, intentionally abstracted from the everyday life of the ‘urban village’. In this world live more than a hundred characters, drawn from resident interviews but portrayed in animal form. Using animal natures as metaphors for human experiences, the team hopes the exhibit will lead visitors to critique and reassess the real condition of the contemporary city.

Ashes and Echoes Published in US

December 1, 2017

We are pleased to announce the publication of the US edition of Ashes and Echoes by Polyphemus Press in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ashes and Echoes is Ms. Yin’s first collection of poems, written between 2010 and 2017, and available to English readers in this bilingual edition for the first time. Illustrated with 21 of the author’s own paintings and drawings in ink and watercolor.

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“New Silk Road Rising” opens the 12th Annual Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair

SHENZHEN, May 14, 2016 —

Lee Van Holdings, Shenzhen’s premiere communications and creative planning agency, hosted the Special Activities Fair “New Silk Road Rising,” opening the 12th Annual Shenzhen International Cultural Industries Fair.

The exhibition follows the three-part theme of “Origin, Heritage, Merge.”

Under the theme of “Origin”, Lee Van is proud to present the paintings of Tan Yumin, whose work is grounded in Chinese Grotto Art traditions.

For “Heritage”, Lee Van presents masterpieces of Cloisonne artwork from masters Chang Sha Na, Qian Mei Hua, and Zhong Liansheng.

The final theme, “Merge”, highlights the works of Shenzhen pioneer artist Yemin Yin, Israeli sculptor David Gerstein, and the winner of China’s prestigious Lanting Award,  calligrapher Peng Shuanglong.
Yemin Yin directs an architectural and analytic gaze toward the body of China’s poetic language. Her work joins with the above-mentioned artists in a contemporary arts and culture exchange exhibition, presented at the Shenzhen Ritz-Carlton from May 20-31.

Ashes and Echoes Exhibition Announcement

Ashes and Echoes Invite


Ashes and Echoes

Poetry and Paintings of Yemin Yin


Exhibit Design:  Zelin Huang

Production Coordinator:  Chuling Zheng


Exhibition Sponsor

Man Jing Hua Yi Jiang Creative Investment Corporation


Art Center

Shenzhen Ying Yu Creative Culture Corporation


Exhibit Opens January 1, 2016, 3 pm

Exhibition runs from January 1 to February 29, 2016

Location: iD Town Arts District, 106 Kui Peng Road, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, China


About the Exhibit

I never held these two things closely or wanted to think of them as something very serious.

And yet, both of these pursuits have unexpectedly posed a kind of scientific question: If, as Berkeley said, “to be is to be perceived,” the whole universe becomes “a tree falling in an empty forest.” and this enigma quickly exceeds our ability to ponder it. When the very existence of that tree, even the sound of its falling, is in question, when not one person sees it, hears it, touches it, or even smells this falling tree, how can we be persuaded that it exists and accept that it has really occurred?

Painting and poetry, more so than photography, speak narratives outside of what is known. To practice them is to embrace a great and freeing truth: that the world’s ‘being toward death’ is itself provisional.

In this exhibit hall, like a little greenhouse, works of art are emerging: words and images, in embryonic form, are explaining each other, transforming, and even seem to be trying to tell us something. They come from the blink of an eye, the moment of waking from a dream, outside of conscious thought. They seem to arrive with no color, but then flash quite garishly. They appear calm, as if lost, but then burst out in waves of echoes.

— Yemin Yin